A Letter from the Assessor

April 28, 2021

The Township Assessor is required by law to uniformly assess properties at a median level of 33 1/3% (one third) of market value. Assessments increase or decrease within a neighborhood based on the three prior year’s sales. If necessary, assessment changes are made within a neighborhood based on style, location, or other criteria. Equitable assessments ensure a fair distribution of the property tax burden among all property owners. This assessed value is then used to distribute the tax burden.

As Township Assessor my office and I only place the assessed value on the property. I do not set any levies; this is done by the individual Taxing Bodies. I do not set the tax rates; this is done by the Will County Clerk’s Office. I do not collect the taxes; this is done by the Will County Treasurer’s Office. The Homer Township Assessor’s Office places the assessed value on the property. All assessments are finalized before any levies or tax rates are determined. I can’t set the assessment based upon the tax rate.

The Assessor’s Office has no control over all the taxing bodies listed on anyone’s tax bill. You as a homeowner/taxpayer have a say in this. All the taxing bodies have budget and levy meetings open to the public each year. You as a taxpayer can speak and voice your opinion. You elect those who serve on these taxing bodies. You as a taxpayer elect those who set the levies. In order for the property taxes to decrease the individual taxing bodies (i.e. schools, fire departments, village/city, park districts, etc.) must request fewer funds and lower their levies. If the taxing bodies request the same or increased funds taxes will not go down regardless of what happens to the assessments.

2020 TAX BILLS (payable in 2021) will be mailed out on May 1, 2021.  This year they are due in four installments to help families who have bee affected by Covid.  If you do not receive a tax bill, need a duplicate copy or have questions about the extended payment dates, please contact the Will County Treasurer’s Office at (815)740-4675 as my office does not handle this.

Please check your tax bill for any missing exemptions.  They are explained on the back of your tax bill.  If there are missing exemptions, please call or come in to our office as soon as possible to have it looked over. If you are not sure what you qualify for, please visit our “exemption” tab to see what is available.

Special Notice: If you have received a letter from anyone claiming to be a Real Estate Consultant or Tax Appeal Representative (in regards to appealing your assesssed value) please contact our office prior to dealing with these companies or spending money on these “services”.

As always, if you have any further questions please feel free to call our office and anyone of our staff will be able to answer your questions.

Karen Szynkowski

Homer Township Assessor
Karen Szynkowski, CIAO
Phone: (708) 301-8166