FOIA Information

Name of Public Body: Office of the Assessor, Homer Township, Will County

FOIA Officers: Debbie Errico, Deputy Assessor

Number of Employees: Full Time: 5 Part Time: 0  (excludes Assessor)

Public Body’s Web Site:

Public Body’s e-mail Address:

To request information you may fill out the FOIA form on our forms page and email it to us at:


Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act the Homer Township Assessor’s Office will charge the following fees:

All Property Record Cards are $1.00 each per State Statue (35 ILCS 200/9-20)  See Statute below:

(35 ILCS 200/9-20)

Sec. 9-20. Property record cards. In all counties, all property record cards maintained by a township assessor, multi-township assessor, or chief county assessment officer shall be public records, and shall be available for public inspection during business hours, subject to reasonable rules and regulations of the custodian of the records. Upon request and payment of such reasonable fee established by the custodian, a copy or printout shall be provided to any person.

For any other copies:

Black and White copies (legal or letter size):  No fee for the first 50 pages, $0.15 for each additional printed page.

Non-standard sized copies or those that must be commercially reproduced actual cost.